Narcist’s experience of COVID-19.

*Mumma in the kitchen*soby! he is making the mess again!

*Me* coming mumma!

Pretty much the gist of the beginning of the pandemic. He is my 3-year-old cousin and I mean everything to him but less than a Father. My whole day revolves around him.

Let’s journey back a little

I am pursuing and was going college regularly and joined an institute for clearing govt. the exam as in India every man try this once but in the mid, this virus hit us and propagate our plans like ashes.

Another thing is a lot of people are disappointed with the current train of events but I have truly enjoyed being at home. I’ve learnt new languages, explored new series of Netflix, watched all the movies on my to-do list.

Lockdown is restricted, but I have had the freedom to do a lot of new things that helped identify who I am. I had social anxiety so it helps me to overcome my anxiety and put me on work by being online and remove my shyness.

That is all about my experince


This is about a woman who is cursed and owned black magic due to got bit by a demon in her childhood and because of this no one like her included her father.

Once the village of them was attacked by invaders and they killed lots of fey (species which belongs to fairies). Some fey run and survive from the village and took shelters in woods of jungle but not all were lucky, soon the knights found some of them and killed without any mercy.

The old guard

It is a story about people who are immortals but not for permanently but could be from centuries. Together all immortals made a team fight against evil and save a life of people who are in danger. There is a woman who is the oldest one from 4 other immortals and has lots of experience to fight and know lots of moves from the experience as she doesn’t know from when she is alive but she has also lost to much love ones in front of her as they were not that much lucky to have supernatural power.

Thank you

Here is my favourite dialogue from the series.

When Breakfast and lunch change in one called brunch.

In today’s life, a new generation spends their life while being netizens on the internet. They spend less time with books and prefer ebooks for saving money and time. They sleep late at night and wake up late due to this their schedule is changed from their ancestors and because of this, they have one common meal called brunch. They consume one meal in a mid of breakfast and lunch due to this they are having nutrition problems and they don’t feel hunger. This one habit creates a man sick and anyone can see queues of hospitals are longer than before.

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